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Spring 2007

Worldview News Compass

UMass Dartmouth announces two new initiatives for the Portuguese Studies program

Azores President presents $100K to UMass Dartmouth Portuguese-American archives. University officials accept grant and launch journal focusing on Azorean author during overseas visit with Azorean President. The centerpiece of the agreement is a $100,000 grant from the Azorean government to the Ferreira-Mendes Portuguese-American Archives at UMass Dartmouth.

UMass Chancellor Jean F. MacCormack and Millennium bcpbank President & CEO Pedro J. Belo today announced a major new partnership that will advance teaching and research related to the Portuguese culture. The key to the partnership is the bank's support of the university's doctoral program in Luso-Afro-Brazilian Studies and Theory, which was recently approved by the UMass Board of Trustees and is awaiting approval by the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education. view video clip

Hessen, Germany's Minister of Higher Education Signs Protocol Agreement with UMass

President Jack M. Wilson and the Honorable Udo Corts, Minister of Higher Education from the state of Hessen in Germany signed the implementing protocol for the system wide relationships with the State of Hessen on April 11th.  President Wilson and Minister Corts have been working together since signing a memorandum of understanding on September 24, 2004, to create opportunities for UMass students to study in Hessen and for Hessen students to study at UMass.


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Faculty Highlights

UMass Medical School Nobel Laureate Craig Mello Travels To China, Lectures at Tsinghua University

University of Massachusetts Medical School professor and Nobel Laureate Craig C. Mello, PhD, traveled to China to speak at the prestigious Tsinghua University in Beijing, the University of Science and Technology of China, and Guangzhou Institute of Biomedicine and Health (GIBH).

UMass Amherst Professor Andrianopoulos gives keynote symposium in Greece

UMass Amherst associate professor of Communication Disorders Mary Andrianopoulos was a keynote speaker at the first annual Symposium on Voice and Swallowing and their Disorders held on April 20-22 in Athens, Greece.

UMass Boston Professor Farsakh is co-directing New Civic Blueprint for Jerusalem

UMass Boston associate professor of Communication Leila Farsakh is co-directing Jerusalem 2050, a project intent on providing new answers to the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The project’s latest initiative has invited experts from around the world to create a vision of Jerusalem as a city that must serve its citizens, rather than exist as the historical focal point of a violent struggle between religious groups.


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Gateway Events

CITA Conference on Community-University Partnerships UMass Lowell - April 26-27, 2007

The presenters, hailing from dozens of universities across the country and ten different nations, shared their experiences with sustaining productive and beneficial partnerships between communities and universities. The topic was "Community-University Partnerships: How Do We Achieve the Promise?" and was held at UMass Lowell. The conference showcased university commitment to the community.

2nd Annual UMASS GLOBAL HEALTH SYMPOSIUM - May 3-4, 2007

The Global Health Symposium was a UMass system-wide conference on the University's involvement in Global Health Education, Services, and Research with particular attention given to working with in-country partners in the developing world.

The conference guest speakers included Dean Marion Jacobs MBChB, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Cape Town, South Africa who spoke on Policy Issues in Global Health and James Herrington PhD, MPH, Division of International Relations, Fogarty International Center, National Institutes of Health who spoke on Insight from the National Institutes of Health. The symposium was sponsored by Savings Bank Life Insurance (SBLI).

UMass Confucius Institute - Chinese Bridge Speech Contest

More than a dozen talented high school students from as far away as Hawaii, as nearby as Massachusetts and from other states across the country competed in the national finals of the annual "Chinese Bridge" speech contest hosted this year by the University of Massachusetts Confucius Institute on April 28th.

University of Massachusetts Confucius Institute located at UMass Boston has an updated calendar of events which includes Chinese Language and Culture courses, as well as networking conferences.


More events at: http://www.massachusetts.edu/international/internationalevents.html

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Student Embassy

Bioinformatics Student Travels to Germany: Curran Kelleher to Study and Research Abroad

This fall Curran Kelleher will travel to Germany to begin a year of study through the UMass Lowell-Hessen German exchange program. Kelleher is a sophomore computer science major with a bioinformatics concentration. He will spend the month of September in the Language and Cultural Studies program at Justus Liebig University, in Giessen, Germany. After September, Kelleher will begin studies at Technische Universitšt Darmstadt.

UMass Lowell named Best Delegation at Model United Nations event

UMass Lowell's International Relations Club recently returned from the North American Model United Nations conference in Toronto, where the club represented the countries of France and Japan.

Pakistani Student Relishes UMass Amherst Experiences

Sabah Baxamoosa '07 (social thought and political economy) attended school in Karachi, Pakistan. She was encouraged to study abroad. "Many people recommended UMass Amherst, so I did some online research. Not many higher learning institutions back home offer liberal arts educations, so I was thrilled to know I could pursue my interests in history, political science and international relations..."


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